Micro Loupe is a very easy and intuitive virtual magnifying lens.
Consider this:
  • It follows and displays what's under the mouse.
  • You may also keep it fixed on a user-selectable spot.
  • It keeps track of the color of the mouse's "hotspot" pixel.
  • It keeps track of the screen coordinates of the mouse.
  • At its highest magnification, it enables you to turn ON/OFF a grid; making it easier to count pixels in minute details.
  • The grid can be displayed in various shades of gray or you may select your own custom color for it.
  • You may freeze its image to allow copying to the clipboard.
  • It sports a user-selectable "crosshair" suitable for each of its magnification levels.
  • You may also invert the color of its display (which will then report the inverted pixel color numbers as well).
  • Micro Loupe displays images of itself, thus causing an image feedback with interesting patterns, reminiscent of playing with parallel mirrors ("hours of entertainment"). Try an inverted image.
  • You may hide Micro Loupe in the System Tray for easy access.
  • It may float above all other windows.
  • It is small in size (79K) and in usage of computer CPU resources.
  • It is a lean and mean utility program you shouldn't be without.
  • It may be a Micro Loupe, but it's fully feature-loaded.
  • Buy It Now -- Only US$15 (for Windows Vista/XP/2000)
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